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Class of 2021

Kevin Akiyama - Lakeland Community College (NJCAA D2)

Riley Briggs - St. Clair College (OCAA)

Samuel Castro-Rojano - University of Toronto (OUA)

Ethan Ellestad - University of Ottawa (OUA)

Damin Hewitt - Trent University (OUA)

Caleb McCloskey - Mohawk Valley Community College (NJCAA D3)

Liam McTague - Wilfred Laurier University (OUA)

Luke Shahin - Bucks County Community College (NJCAA D2)

Jabari Smith - Niagara County Community College (NJCAA D3)

Owen Stevenson - Niagara County Community College (NJCAA D3)

Class of 2020

Arjun Aujla - Adrian College (NCAA D3)

Lucas Urrasio - Queen's University (OUA)

Garret Jukes - University of Waterloo (OUA)

Cruz Lopez - Genesee Community College (NJCAA D3), Durham College (OCAA)

Eric Murchison - West Valley College (CCCAA)

Ben Snyder - Queen's University (OUA)

Michael Asselin - Durham College (OCAA)

Brendan McCarthy - University of Windsor (OUA)

Class of 2019

Kevin Campbell - Onondaga Community College (NJCAA D3)

Matthew Fabian - Ithaca College (NCAA D3)

Damon Gregoris - Carleton University (OUA)

Cole Murchison - West Valley College (CCCAA)

Shaine O'Keefe - Humber College (OCAA)

Jordan Rawn - Elmira College (NCAA D3)

Bill Starke - Western University (OUA)

Justin Walker - Seneca College (OCAA)

Evan Whiteway-Willard - University of Ottawa (OUA)

Cal Brazier - Niagara County Community College (NJCAA D3), Tiffin University (NCAA D2)

Class of 2018

Tyler Black - Wright State University (NCAA D1), CB-A round, 33rd overall 2021 MLB draft

Sam Boshart - Prince George's Community College (NJCAA D3)

Maxwell Dennison - Orange Coast College (CCCAA)

Griffin Hassall - Canadian Jr. National Team, Kansas State University (NCAA D1)

Braydon Lloyd - Queen's University (OUA)

Spenser Ross - Lawrence University (NCAA D3)

Nathan Scragg – Erie Community College (NJCAA D3)

Kevin Zhang - Cedarville University (NCAA D2)

Nate Snyder - University of Waterloo (OUA)

Class of 2017

Dean Christidis - University of Toronto (OUA)

Dryden Norton - Durham College (OCAA)

Edwin Tam - Fanshawe College (OCAA)

Thomas Murphy – East Tennessee State University (NCAA D1)

Drew Howard – Canadian Jr. National Team, Chipola Jr. College (NJCAA D1)

Class of 2016

Cameron Palmeter - Freed-Hardeman Uiversity (NAIA)

Ryley Davenport – Laurier University (OUA)

Alexander Cleveland-Iliffe – Colorado State University (NCAA D1)

Jordan Belz – Laurier University (OUA)

Dean Angelo – Trinity University (NCAA D3)

Ryan Bothwell – Durham College (OCAA)

Brian Wowk – Durham College (OCAA)

Sammy Maracle – Ellesworth College (NJCAA D2)

Class of 2015

Chase Porter – Brock University (OUA)

Class of 2014

Yonelle Firebrace - Jefferson Community College (NJCAA D3)

Hunter Greenough - Antelope Valley College (CCCAA), Point Loma Nazarene University (NCAA D2)

Tyler Hawkns - Macomb Community College (NJCAA D2)

Mathew Lonetto – Niagara University (NCAA D1)

Michael Murphy - Youngstown State University (NCAA D1)

Johnny Tang - Princeton University (NCAA D1)

Class of 2013

Nathan Borges - Canadian Jr. National Team, Northeastern University (NCAA D1)

Jackson Bunn - Neumann University (NCAA D3)

Justin Gaudet - Jefferson Community College (NJCAA D3)

Ryan Sattz - Niagara County Community College (NJCAA D3) & King University (NCAA D2)

Matthew Shaw - Corning Community College (NJCAA D3)

Braden Weir - Jefferson Community College (NJCAA D3) & Durham College (OCAA)

Class of 2012

Matthew Coppins - University of Maine (NCAA D1)

Ryan Kellogg - Canadian Jr. National Team, Arizona State University (NCAA D1), Selected 11th Rd. 2012 MLB draft

Steve Betcherman - Rollins College (NCAA D2)

Johnny Caputo- Selected 11th Rd, 2012 MLB draft; Stony Brook University (NCAA D1)

Cody Malloy - University of British Columbia (NAIA)

Mitchell Triolo - Canadian Jr. National Team; Canisius College (NCAA D1)

Jason Hardie – Jefferson Community College (NJCAA D3)

Class of 2010

Zach Elbirt - Jacksonville State University (NCAA D1)

John Gosnell - Lesley College (NCAA D3)

Kyle Kotchie - Lake Sumter College (NJCAA D1)

Phillip Steer - Mayville State University (NAIA)

Jerome Werniuk - Canadian Jr. National Team, St. John's University (NCAA D1), Selected 20th Rd, 2009 MLB draft

Harrison Greenhough – Antelope Valley College (NCAA D2)

Brian Smith – Canadian Jr. National Team, Selected 40th Rd. 2010 MLB Draft – Chicago Cubs

Kyle Taylor – Genessee College (NJCAA D3)

Class of 2009

Anthony Ricciardi - Alabama State University (NCAA D1)

Jason Rubenstein - Canisius College (NCAA D1)

Nick Purdy - Selected in 2007 & 2008 MLB draft; currently in Blue Jays minor league system

Ryan Dillabough - New York Tech (NCAA D1)

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