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Individual Lessons


The hourly rates for our coaches are as follows:

Tyler Herrington - $80/hr + HST

Maxwell Dennison - $80/hr + HST

Sam Cawker -$80/hr + HST 

Danny Berg - $80/hr + HST

Ryan Capuano - $80/hr + HST

Andy Stewart - $150/hr + HST


For semi-private lessons (max 4 players) there is a premium of $10 for each player in the lesson. (e.g. for 2 players $20 would be added to the hourly rate)

DISCOUNT: Packages of 10 lessons cost the same as 9 individual bookings

Strength & Conditioning


We offer baseball specific as well as generalized personal training via our in-house certified strength & conditioning coordinator, Sam Cawker.

Personal Training Rates:

(per person +HST)

1-on-1 - $80/hr

2-person group - $70/hr

3-person group - $60/hr

4 - 8-person group - $50/hr

DISCOUNT: Packages of 10 sessions cost the same as 9 individual bookings

Team Training Rates:

(per player +HST)

minimum 10 players - $30/hr

Team Programs or Facility rental



Limited slots remaining for Fall and Winter

Access to batting cages, pitching machines and gym facilities for your team with or without professional Prospects Baseball coaches.

Contact us for pricing and availability

Cage Rentals

Our cages can be rented as follows : 


60 minutes - $70 + HST

30 minutes  - $50 + HST

(Max 4 people/cage)

SPECIAL: If renting two cages for the same time slot (min 1 hour, before 5pm and after 10pm), the second cage is $50/hour + HST

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