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Front Office

reyna stevenson

Owner & CEO

Reyna Stevenson, a seasoned executive, and co-founder of Abbyview Group Inc., serves as the Owner and CEO of Ontario Prospects Baseball Club (OPBC). With over 25 years of extensive business experience, Reyna has successfully directed diverse corporate initiatives and major projects across Canada and the United States.

In her role at Scotiabank, Reyna served as the Systems Reliability Director for International Banking, showcasing her strategic leadership in maintaining the reliability and efficiency of banking systems. Reyna also played pivotal roles as a Business Solutions Expert at Macquarie Group and ING Direct, managing and delivering various projects related to business processes and technology applications.


In her current role at OPBC, Reyna leads the charge in providing professional baseball development and instruction for players of all ages and skill levels. Her visionary approach focuses on the development of youth baseball players aged 14U to 18U, preparing them for the competitive landscapes of college and professional baseball.

Reyna Stevenson's remarkable career journey, coupled with her passion for baseball, positions her as a visionary leader at Ontario Prospects Baseball Club. Her ability to lead high-performance teams and execute winning business strategies is reflected in the continued success and growth of the organization under her dedicated leadership.

adam stevenson

Owner & COO

Adam is a versatile professional with a comprehensive background in business strategy, social media, marketing, and operations. As co-owner of the Ontario Prospects Baseball Club, he utilizes his expertise to create compelling community baseball programs for young players teams, and the PBA. With years of experience in guiding start-ups and established companies, Adam excels in executing effective marketing strategies to deliver value to customers. He has made significant contributions within fintech, crafting compelling operational and customer success strategies. A Certified Management Accountant with an MBA from Queen's University, Adam combines his academic knowledge with hands-on experience to drive innovation and success in every endeavor he undertakes. His passion for delivering tangible results and dedication to excellence have earned him a strong reputation as a successful entrepreneur and business coach.

Darryl Reid

Director of Program Management

Darryl brings extensive coaching and baseball operations experience to our organization.  For three years, he served as the head coach of the Durham College men's baseball program. He also held the position of General Manager at the Toronto Mets baseball program while coaching their 16U team. Notably, Darryl played a vital role as an assistant coach when Durham College secured their first national title in 2011.

Additionally, Darryl contributed internationally as part of the coaching staff for the Great Britain national team, including their participation in the 2013 World Baseball Classic qualifying tournament.


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